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Are you ready to book your stay ? Can you imagine yourself already at the beach, with your feet touching the sand…And yet, as you know, something unexpected can happen, even a few days before you leave on holiday. If you took out NEAT CAMPING cancellation and interruption insurance when you booked, don’t worry!

Unfortunately without a cancellation insurance, there is no refund in case of a cancellation or a no-show, and the entire amount of the stay is due.

Therefore, it is important to think about this when you make your reservation!

Campsite Les Cyprès offers you the possibilitie to garantee your stay and then wait in peace for your stay

 The cancellation and interruption insurance NEAT CAMPING
Rate5 % of your stay (excl. the insurance)
with a minimum of € 20
Managed byThe NEAT Company
CouverageCancellation with or without proof
100% refund with justification or 70% refund without justification.
See the conditions
WhenBefore your stay (cancellation)
and during your stay (interruption)
ProcedureRefund of the sums paid
(excl. the amount of the insurrance + deductable)
see the refund conditions
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Book safely with camping flex insurance 😉

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