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Visit Nantes !

Visit the centre of Nantes, the city of the dukes. Just 1 hour and 20 minutes from the campsite by car or by train.

When you visit Nantes, start with a walk through the districts Graslin and Bouffay. Don’t miss the shopping arcade (gallery) ‘le passage Pommeray’.

Le passLe passage Pommeray is one of the most beautiful indoor shopping arcade of Europe which houses different kind of shops and galeries. At ‘la place Graslin’ (in front of the opera) you will find brasserie ‘La Cigale’. It is classified as a historical monument ; whith its breathtaking interior, this restaurant is one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Discover the history of Anne de Bretagne (Anne from Brittany) in “Chateau des ducs de Bretagne” (castle of the dukes of Brittany). With its gothic and renaissance styles this castle is property of Nantes. The entire renovation was completed in 2007. Walk the paths, enjoy the lawns surrounding the moat and visit the museum in the heart of the castle. This castle tells you the story of the city, from the Gallo-Roman city until today.

Visit the cathedral at ‘place Saint Pierre’.

On walking distance from the train station you will find ‘les jardin de plantes’, one of the four most biggest botanical gardens in France. Walk and discover its 800m2 of glasshouses, 10.000 different plant species and 50.000 flowers.

It’s impossible to go to Nantes without discovering the fantastic world imagined by Francois Delarozière. The Machines de l’ile and its famous 12-metre-high mechanical elephant can be seen from the ground, or you can climb on top for a ride. Travel 20,000 leagues under the sea with the carousel of marine worlds. In the Galerie des Machines, amidst mechanical plants, you can see a giant heron fly before observing other articulated animals.

When you go to Nantes, you need to visit (the fantastic world created by François Delarozière).
‘Les machines de l’ile’  and it’s famous mechanical elephant of 12 meters high which you can admire from the ground. You can also make a tour on the elephant (we recommend you reserve in advance). Take a ride on the carousel of 25m high. It contains 35 moving sea creatures and is a real piece of art. At ‘La Galerie des Machines’ in the middle of the tree made of steel (28 meters high), you can admire, among other things, a flying heron mechanical animals.

Continue your walk towards ‘La Fabrique’, an artistic area, where you can go and see a concert or visit an exposition. The inhabitants from Nantes can participate here in artistic and cultural workshops. It is a really nice area to have a drink. You can’t miss the facade with the beautiful street art and the bus parked on top of the building.

Embark on the so called Navibus, a river shuttle which takes you in 10 minutes to Trentemoult. It’s a cute fishing village with coulourful houses and a lot of charme. The perfect place to have a drink or a bite to eat.

Nantes is known for its LU’s biscuits. The old biscuit factory with its Dome, just in front of the castle has become the so called ‘Lieu Unique’. You can go and see theatre plays here, and there is a bar, a library with beautiful books and postcards and there is even a spa with a hammam.

Go to the tourist information centre in Nantes, where they propose you a pass for 24-48 hours. This pass doesn’t only give you acces to the public transport, it also gives you discount on several sights.
They can also guide you  do the so called ‘Voyage à Nantes’ with the famous green line which brings you to all the must see attractions in Nantes.

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